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SRO Media is an independent entertainment services company that specializes in providing all types of entertainment as well as services in management, event planning, distribution, and consultation.

Whether you are booking dates at a club, planning a wedding, private party, corporate event, college event, fair, festival, or any other special event, we can find the talent for you!. read more

Latest News

We here at SRO Media have been doing some major retooling of our artist roster. We are currently in active pursuit of new and exciting talent in order to bring the best live entertainment to our clients. We;ve also added a media design branch to handle promotional design for our clients events and roster artists. We're very excited about this new venture. We're offering product, promotional, banner, posster/flyer and web designs to our list of services.

We've also just joined forces with an international agency to expand our roster and client base into places like Dubai, Japan, Thailand, the Caribbean and more. We're also working on a deal to offer our roster to the USO to lend a hand in entertaining the US Military, wherever they may be.

If you're a potential client, please browse our artist roster and the services we offer. Contact us immediately and we will do our very best to satisfy whatever needs you may have. SRO Media is here to provide the very best in live entertainment services.

Artist Roster

Rockaholic - Party Rock with a bite. Driving audiences wild all over the NY Metro area, this cover band... read more

Brett Anderson - Stand Up Comedian and Writer. When he's not performing at some of the best known comedy clubs... read more

Udi Levy Ensemble - Brooklyn based Guitar Ensemble that blends smooth jazz guitar with an up tempo funk beat, Israeli born Udi Levy... read more

Chill-ganic - Groove oriented, fun and conscious songs with Brazilian, Latin and Afrobeat influences... read more

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